Monday, May 5, 2014

The "Meryl-Go-Round"

Ok, I realize this video is like four days old but I wasn't sure if I should bother posting it here.  After watching it a second time, it's too funny/goofy to not share.  Major Meryl fan Billy takes us through a fast-paced, on-the-run quiz of four women dressed up as characters from Streep movies.  My favorite quotes:

"Yes, Taylor Swift unfortunately."

"Choose which baby to save and throw the other in this garbage can."

"Now take that roasted chicken in your hands and feed it to Stanley Tucci."

"Not you Margaret Thatcher, YOU'RE DEAD!"

"Anne Hathaway is still giving her goddamn Golden Globes speech from two years ago."

"How many inside jokes does Anne Hathaway think she has with Meryl Streep that Meryl is not aware of?"



  1. Haha part of me loves him, I bet someone will show Meryl this video. Lucky him who got to meet her!

    1. He's pretty crazy, but this made me laugh. Kind of a slow time of year for Meryl news.