Thursday, May 22, 2014

Director Joel Hopkins wants to team Meryl with Emma Thompson

Yesterday, an article on quoted director Joel Hopkins as saying:

"I've got something going.  Which again, is for Emma (Thompson).  My hope is to find a good reason to put Emma and Meryl Streep in a movie together.  That's my goal.  That's sort of my starting point, but I'm sort of working on something ideally.  Meryl doesn't know this yet, but I've mentioned it to Emma and I'm just starting to get into it.  I want to try to find a way for them to have a go at each other...just have to find a plot somewhere.  I joke, but you've got to start somewhere...and I find that quite interesting thinking of actors I would like to see together."

Joel, I couldn't agree more.  Although Meryl and Emma have worked together in Angels in America, they've never shared the screen in a feature film.  This would be a fantastic pairing, along the same line of me wanting Streep to join Kathy Bates in a Susan B. Anthony/Elizabeth Cady Stanton biopic or Susan Sarandon in Best Actress.  Make this one happen, Mr. Hopkins.

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