Saturday, December 22, 2012

Meryl night #2 for the week

Good morning, all.  So pleased to have survived the latest Apocalyptic scare.  Maybe I'll make it to see August: Osage County after all.  As foretold in my lastest post, Annie came over last night for games, dinner, drinks and Meryl.  I have to make a brief mention of the menu because everything turned out yummy.  We started with a homemade butternut squash soup, followed by brown sugar-glazed meatloaf with garlic mashed potatoes and buttered peas.  After barely managing to motion our sated selves to the couch, we cued up the movie.

I thought The Bridges of Madison County would be a good installment for Annie's third Meryl night, as it's a very different character from both Sophie and Sister Aloysius.   Joe happened to mention during dinner that Francesca is possibly the most difficult role for him to find Meryl Streep in, meaning she completely becomes her character.   Annie was again very impressed by Meryl's convincing Italian (Iowatalian) accent, and I think she found it fun to see Meryl in a role as a middle-aged woman who's involved in a romantic, yet confusing and ultimately emotionally agonizing experience.

Last night kind of made me want to read Mia March's book The Meryl Streep Movie ClubI don't think I've written about this before, but I vaguely remember it being released this summer, and it's centered around a couple of women bonding over Meryl movies, beginning with Bridges.  So, as a true Meryl scholar (and sucker for stories aimed at women(?)), I should probably read it.   I suppose it's too late to be used as a stocking stuffer idea.  Damn.

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