Monday, December 17, 2012

McGregor and Upham share thoughts on "August: Osage County"

This weekend, a video surfaced of Ewan McGregor briefly discussing his experience with the recent filming of August: Osage County.  

In addition, I just came across an interview with Misty Upham, who plays housekeeper Johnna, in which she too fields questions about her participation in the film.  The role of Johnna, although low on lines, has a major impact on the play.  She's present in a huge number of scenes, sort of in the background while the family is at each other's throats.  Upham says some complimentary things about Meryl in the article, my favorite of which being: "I took any chance I could to watch Meryl live. When she worked, everyone watched with awe. Even the props department. It was inspiring to see such respect for a true icon of our age. Amazing."   Oh, the shit I live for.

I'll likely never obsess over a film more than I have about this one (dear lord I hope not anyway).  As I've posted previously, I'm a huge fan of the play and story, so the fact that Meryl is participating in a film version with a huge likelihood as an awards vehicle is super exciting for a Streeper like myself.  I can only imagine how single-minded I'll be on this blog a year from now.   Looking forward to it. 

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  1. "Looking forward to it."

    That makes one of us. Just kiddin' babe.