Thursday, December 27, 2012

"August: Osage County" on The Guardian's list of top films to watch for in 2013

Earlier this week, Regina over at FYC Meryl Streep posted a link on the Meryl Streep forum (she's always more on top of things than I am) to a Guardian article listing August: Osage County as one of the "key" films to watch for in 2013.  Duh.   Here's what they had to say:

"Harvey Weinstein has thrown his muscle behind the eagerly awaited film version of August: Osange County, adapted from the Pultizer prize-winning play by Tracy Letts. It’s a barbed family drama from the heart of Oklahoma, starring Sam Shepard as a drunken former poet, Meryl Streep as his ailing wife and Julia Roberts as the daughter who comes home in the wake of a tragedy. All of them, surely, will be gunning for awards."

It's no secret how much I'm obsessed looking forward to this project, so obviously I agree that this will definitely be something to watch out for come awards season 2014.  Of course I'm not solely interested in Meryl getting awards, but as the Academy Awards is the best international benchmark for film acting recognition, I want Meryl to go down as history's best.  She already holds a comfortable lead in nominations with 17, but her career deserves to break the all-time record of four awards.  When that is done, there can be little debate about her being the greatest ever.  I know, I know, it's supposed to be about art and good film-making.  But every performance Meryl does is a masterpiece.  Unfortunately often only baity awards vehicles get a lot of word of mouth and marketing.  A push for Oscars falls into that category.   Some people think campaigning is sort of vulgar or that it bastardizes good works but I say if it gets people to see great movies that might actually require a little thinking or reflection, I'm all for it.   

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