Monday, February 5, 2024

No Grammy for Streep

Meryl will have wait to get one step closer to her EGOT. Last night, she lost the Grammy Award for Best Audio Book Recording to former first lady, Michelle Obama. Streep had been nominated for reading Big Tree

Despite the loss, Meryl was prominently featured in the night's telecast, jumping into her seat while host Trevor Noah was mid-monologue.

I chuckled at "The Grammys is gonna win an Oscar." 

We knew ahead of time that Meryl would be presenting an award at the show. I'm sure any of us knew for what, though. And it turns out that she joined her music producer son-in-law, Mark Ronson, to present Record of the Year. They did a cute little bit.
@hollywoodreporter #merylstreep roasts her son in law #markronson while they present together at the #grammys #grammys2024 ♬ original sound - The Hollywood Reporter

I didn't watch the show because they weren't going to show her category, and I figured I'd be able to see clips of her presenting if I wanted to a few hours later. And I'm not that invested in whether or not she ever wins an EGOT. I care about her on-screen acting work. With that said, she seems to be more visible these days. Yes, it's awards season, but even for the couple of noms she's had for her work in Only Murders in the Building, it feels like with the greater exposure she's building up to some news about what we'll get to see her do next. As in, she's not going away anytime soon. 

Patiently waiting. 


  1. Seems like she had fun there! I would like her to get a Grammy but I guess she still has plenty of opportunities.

    I agree the increased visibility is an encouraging sign..

  2. During Joni Mitchell's performance, there were many shots of Meryl and her daughter. It made me wonder if this was a hint that Meryl could be in negotiations to play Joni, with Gracie (or another daughter) as a younger version. 4th Oscar?

  3. It's bewildering she hasn't made a lead role movie in years, 2020 when they released THE PROM and LET THEM ALL TALK. Not sure what she is up to. I would think she would be hunting for a Broadway play to get her a Tony.

    1. I really don't picture Meryl doing an extended run in a stage production. But if she did I'd be in the front row. Regardless, I also doubt she's on "the hunt" for a Tony.

    2. I felt that Meryl just wanted to spend more time on her personal life now, family as well as friends. Maybe COVID-19 has changed some of her views. But after the separation revelation, she seems to be more willing to attend events, which is a good sign.

  4. The ratings are in and I'm so pleased to have Meryl visible to people who aren't hardcore like us and watch every award show and follow her closely. Let's hope a new "era" (to borrow from Ms. Swift) beckons!