Tuesday, January 2, 2018

New scene released from "The Post"

Happy New Year, everyone! As I patiently wait for January 12 to roll around, I'm sucking up any and all clips I can get of Meryl in The Post. Earlier today, a new video was released by HBO Screening Room of director Steven Spielberg and his two stars (Streep and Tom Hanks), discussing a key scene early on in the film:

I can remember reading the script about a year ago and specifically thinking about this scene, where Meryl's character Katharine Graham sort of tussles with her editor Ben Bradlee. The two bicker about the style section of the paper and, as they discuss in the video, at times it seems more like Bradlee is Graham's boss, not the other way around. It sort of sets the stage for a transformation that I'm sure Meryl negotiates wonderfully as the film progresses.

Getting excited for this and the Golden Globes Sunday!


  1. I've seen it! Meryl was simply sublime. Some may argue she's cautiously mannered but I think it adds to the vulnerability of her character unlike say, her sometimes forced mannerisms in Ricki & Flash. The way she builds her own narrative arc was a joy to behold. The movie, however, tends to sag in certain sequences which kind of bore me from time to time although on the whole it was rather engaging. Meryl understated is Meryl gem to me. Now let's get The Good House going because I can see her building the momentum to that one! David.

    1. So jealous! Also it's pathetic but I still think about The Good House and Meryl doing it. I love the character Hildy Good! Alas, I think it'll never happen...at least not with Meryl.