Sunday, February 12, 2017

Streep honored by Human Rights Campaign

Last night, Meryl was honored by the Human Rights Campaign at their Greater New York Gala.  Not surprisingly, she took the opportunity to again rip into the President and his policy agenda.  I recommend everyone read the full transcript of her speech in this Hollywood Reporter article.  In it, she eloquently describes how the "weight" of her acting honors drives her out of her comfort zone and natural instinct (which is to "stay the fuck home") and compels her to speak out against what she sees as intolerable behavior.

There are numerous fantastic quotes, but again, I recommend everyone read the full text for themselves.  The most I could find for video is below.  Quick diversion: I wonder if Meryl is flying to London this morning for the BAFTA Awards.


  1. Well I just saw pics on twitter of her on the red carpet, so I guess she made the trip. Busy bee.

  2. She is beyond busy! This speech seems wonderful, I can't wait to read It. Emma won though so good luck to her.

  3. Just finished watching Bafta, Roy won for hair/makeup! The camera continually went to Meryl throughout the show, you can tell we Brits love her too! She looked lovely as well