Thursday, November 3, 2016

Streep to receive Cecil B. DeMille Award

Well this is a surprise.  Multiple sources reported a bit earlier today that Meryl will be the latest recipient of the Cecil B. DeMille Award, given by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association at the Golden Globes ceremony in January.  Although I wasn't expecting this news, it was a matter of time before Streep was chosen for this recognition, so I suppose now is as good a time as any.

One of the fun parts about this is that it's fairly likely that Meryl would be at the ceremony anyway if/when she gets her 30th overall Globe nomination (a record, of course) for Florence Foster Jenkins.  I've been trying think if there has been anyone who received the DeMille Award and also been nominated that year in a regular acting category.  I'm sure it's easy to search out, but wouldn't be surprised if Meryl is the first.

It'll be fun to watch the tribute to Meryl during the ceremony, and this news also adds to the publicity/campaign for a possible 20th Academy Award nom (again, a record) for Florence.  



  1. They should have given it to one of our old British Dames. Meryl is at the height of her powers. Will enjoy the tribute though..

    1. The tricky thing is that she's extremely deserving, but if they wait for a time when she is never rarely in contention for other awards it may never come. Might as well do it now.

  2. Hoping to see her get recognition from the Brits next, which is hard because they only exclusively award their own with a knighthood or damehood - non-Brits are often overshadowed by Brits.

  3. So happy! This is the momentum to get the 20th nomination- Jamie

  4. This is a sign she will get her 20th although I don't mind her not nabbing one this time round so as to build momentum for her next win. Hopefully for some movie that brings out her best like Devil, Sophie, Silkwood or Bridges. David

  5. So happy that she is finally receiving this awards. This seems to be quite an accomplishment. Cecil B. Demille award following her 30th Golden Globe nomination and anticipating her 20th Oscar nomination...

    Fingers crossed.


  6. Still pretty shocked with all that's happened today and very disappointed. On the bright side this would give a wonderful dramatic end to any TV movie Meryl does portraying the wonderful former Senator. And the speech she just have was superb. Hope everyone is ok X

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