Sunday, November 20, 2016

Streep to make big bucks for "The Nix"

Among other sources, Vanity Fair reported the other day that Meryl's salary has been revealed for the upcoming limited series adaptation of Nathan Hill's novel The Nix.  $825,000 per episode.  Now before you think that this is a crazy number for a single television episode, let's remember that it's quite possible that the entire series is fewer than five episodes, and based on the book, I wouldn't be surprised if Meryl is not in all of them.

What I get most out of this info is that The Nix is likely a sure thing.  I can't imagine we'd have salary negotiations public if this weren't really going to happen.  Still no word on when filming is set to begin, other cast members or even which network will air it, but considering the project was only announced two months ago, this news is good.

I still really want a great film lead role for Streep, though.  In the Vanity Fair article cited above, it was mentioned that Robert De Niro would also be making a haul for his work in David O. Russel's upcoming mafia television project that apparently is set to air in 2017.  De Niro has so many acting projects going at this point that it's difficult to see how he'd be able to squeeze in The Good House at any point over the next year with Meryl.  That's of course assuming that that project isn't totally dead, which it probably is.  Still carrying the torch of hope for that one.  Regardless, glad to know there's at least something in the pipeline besides Mary Poppins Returns. 


  1. Am I the only one who's not excited about The Nix? Or even Mary Poppins Returns? Like Jeff, I would like to see her in a lead role perhaps in a solid drama. A stage production would also be equally euphoric for me, if not better. Mary Poppins reeks of familiarity (Emily Blunt, Rob Marshall, etc) and Nix isn't really my cup of tea based on what I've heard about the book/storyline. David

    1. I think The Nix is a fantastic story, just not sure how much use they'll be able to make of Meryl. I am not really interested at all in Mary Poppins Returns. Seems like just a favor to Marshall that Streep is in it.

  2. Hopefully Meryl has a smooth experience co-producing this which may help her think about producing a great script for herself if none are forthcoming right now?