Sunday, October 9, 2016

Updates on "Mary Poppins Returns"

I've been a bit lax in my coverage of Mary Poppins Returns, partly because I'm annoyed that for a while this was the only real project we had to look forward to, and partly because Meryl isn't really expected to have very substantial role.  But it's worth keeping track of the project, as a few updates have taken place regarding the casting and filming schedules.

Emily Mortimer reportedly joined the cast this week as Jane Banks, rounding out the main characters.  Emily Blunt, who is in place to portray Mary Poppins, gave several interviews this week to promote The Girl on the Train, and in them discussed a bit about Mary Poppins Returns.  She described that rehearsals will begin in November, which suggests filming will begin within a couple months afterward.  Considering the release date is already set for Christmas Day 2018, we're likely looking at an extensive post-production period.  I'm guessing the special effects may be substantial.

As we know, Meryl has been cast as Poppins's cousin Topsy Turvy, a role that is not expected to be particularly large.  With that in mind, it'll be interesting to learn exactly how much time Meryl is going to have to devote to filming.  If her time commitment is modest, it would certainly provide for participation in other projects.  Again, understanding that The Nix limited series is not a sure thing, we don't have a great understanding on when actual shooting would take place.  More to come on that soon, hopefully.  I'd also like to re-open the question of what people think the likelihood would be if Meryl had been officially cast in Saving Mr. Banks a few years ago that she would now be doing this role.  Are the two projects too similar?  I personally think she would still do Poppins, because my guess is that it's more about working with director Rob Marshall again, after having starred in Into the Woods under his helm.

As we impatiently wait for news about various projects, here's the updated cast list for Mary Poppins Returns:

Emily Blunt (Mary Poppins)
Meryl Streep (Topsy)
Ben Whishaw (Michael Banks)
Emily Mortimer (Jane Banks)
Lin-Manuel Miranda (Jack)
*cameos by both Julie Andrews and Dick Van Dyke are expected


  1. I think that her role in this is going to very supporting but not in the same sense of her extended cameos in The Homesman and Suffragette. I will still be seeing it no matter the size because I like Blunt and Marshall, and obviously Meryl. I fully expect her to have at least showstopper of a musical number!
    Also saw in an interview Nathan Hill the author of The Nix that he plans to work with a screenwriter sometime next year as soon as they find one...hoping this project finds a channel or streaming service ASAP...why is it taking so long?? Streep on TV is a big get!

  2. Any updates on The Guardian Brothers animated film for 2017?- Jamie

    1. I tend not to provide many updates on voice work. But IMDbpro says it was released in China in Jan 2016. No idea if/when we'll see it in the U.S.

  3. I'm not sure if this is a rumour or some big secret. Apparently, Meryl together with Helen Mirren and Judi Dench have been asked to appear in the all-female Ocean 8 as cameos. Sources close to production have leaked the information which is supposed to be a surprise for viewers...I've been trying to google this piece of info but to no avail. Has anyone heard of this? David.

    1. I have not seen or read anything on this rumor. From where did you learn of the rumor? What does "sources close to the production" mean and to where was it leaked?

  4. Jeff, an acquaintance posted this on facebook. I tried clicking on the link (with that blurb) but it kept asking me to register which I didn't want to. All that info as far as I can remember - sources, leaked - were on that blurb. Could it be true or just pure nonsense?