Thursday, April 9, 2015

Entertainment Weekly previews "Ricki and the Flash"

This isn't that big of a deal, but we've been pretty deprived of any news on Ricki and the Flash, so it was nice to see that Entertainment Weekly had a little preview online today.   The article goes into a tiny bit more depth about the film's plot, even down to the types of songs we'll get to see and hear Meryl play on the guitar.  Perhaps this little bit of press is a sign that the trailer isn't far off?

In other news, last month Meryl's name was mentioned as attached to the upcoming Angelina Jolie pic Africa.  Today, Deadline is reporting that the production of the film is in jeopardy due to "budget and creative issues."  Meryl's participation in this was dubious at best, so we'll just have to stay tuned. Seems like a great story for a feature film, though.  


  1. Very excited for this, and hearing Bad Romance! I have a feeling this movie could be brilliant..

    1. Me too! On top of a brilliant movie, hoping for another box office smash.

    2. Exactly, I want it to be bigger than Julie and Julia at least. And so glad to hear there will be a soundtrack as well. I was also pleased to read it being described as a "darkly comedic family drama" instead of a dramedy or musical comedy. I'm getting Oscar pricklings already..!