Wednesday, April 15, 2015

First teaser for "Suffragette"

Several sources are reporting that Pathé has set an October 30th U.K. release date for Meryl' upcoming film Suffragette.  And with that announcement, we have our first trailer!

Probably the briefest teaser I've ever seen, but we do see Meryl as Emmeline Pankhurst at the end.  Not much to really say about it since it was so brief.  I'm not sure this could drastically sway anyone from either going or not going to see it in the cinema.  Even if it were god-awful I'd still be going, so maybe it's difficult for me to judge in that respect.  It will be interesting to see how attention for this film will be affected by the candidacy of one Hillary Rodham Clinton, who just so happened to officially announce she's running for president three days ago.  Hopefully they're mutually beneficial.

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