Wednesday, January 7, 2015

"Into the Woods" UK premiere press conference

More fantastic insights from our girl.  I just love how she communicates the intricacies of the themes in the film.  She also sheds some light on Russel Crowe's recent comments that many interpret to be sexist.  Enjoy.

Taping of the Graham Norton show is probably already complete, so hopefully we'll have access to that soon. I believe it airs Friday in the UK, the same day as the BAFTA nominations.    


  1. Spiteful Bafta ratbags totally froze Into The Woods out. Rene Russo and Imelda Staughton came from left field. I hope someone else besides Patrica Arquette takes it as this race looks very boring thus far.

    I'm sure Meryl's Iron Lady win is partly to blame for their lack of enthusiasm for her last 2 films; until then they were doing their best to make up for ignoring her for 17 years. These are the people who thought Julie Walters in Education Rita deserves the prize more than Sophie's Choice.

    1. Well at least Into the Woods got costumes and hair/makeup. Fingers crossed for Thursday.

    2. No one cares about those awards, the film is good enough to get bigger recognition than that.

    3. Agreed. But it would've been a bad predictor if it couldn't even get costumes/makeup.