Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Mention of "Master Class"

I know I'm boring everyone with my obsession of whether or not HBO will still make Master Class. However, until we're through February with no word, I'm going to hold out hope that it may happen as planned.  Today an article suggested that a newly greenlit biopic on Montgomery Clift starring Matt Bomer may be taking the slot that Master Class was to hold.  The suggestion in this article is simply that...a suggestion, but it certainly made it seem like a foregone conclusion that the Master Class was a no-go, therefore providing an opening for this new project.  Sigh.  You guys, should I just give it up already?


  1. As much as I am pleased for Matt Bomer I thought this would be a cinema release for him?

    I don't want to give up hope on it happening, even later this year as the script seemed to be in place. I know it doesn't happen often but to be teased with the idea of such an amazing project and then for it to fall to pieces is highly disappointing. I had already mentally notched Meryl's Emmy wins up to 3.

    1. Now this just came out this morning:

      Look at the section toward the bottom off to the right called Play/List where McNally lists his dream actors. He says Meryl is doing Master Class. I don't know however if this interview maybe took place prior to Nichols' death. I emailed the writer of the article to ask. Ha!

    2. Haha well spotted! Let's hope. As I said before, surely Directors would jump at the chance to step in on this...