Monday, January 12, 2015

Globes aftermath

Well, as expected, Patricia Arquette took home the trophy last night at the Golden Globe Awards in Meryl's category.  Despite the loss, Meryl looked amazing and created quite the Twitter buzz when Margaret Cho, dressed as a North Korean army general, posed for a picture with her during the telecast.

Nice little attempt at photobombing by Ben Cumberbatch.  Oscar nominations will be announced Thursday!


  1. She looked beautiful. She's simply the best.

    1. I know! She looks fantastic.

    2. I wish I had made it to the crowd for the London premiere last week, I would have asked her if she's still doing Masterclass hehe. I wonder if she would have answered!

    3. OMG I wish you could've! And if you yelled it loudly enough she wouldn't have been able to ignore. :)