Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Streep honored with Monte Cristo Award

Meryl was in attendance last night in New York to receive the Eugene O'Neill Theater Center's Monte Cristo Award.  Several stars joined in the gala to honor Streep for her work in theater.  There are a bunch of wonderful quotes about Meryl and her work, including most her speech after accepting the award.  Check out the article from The Hollywood Reporter here.


  1. That statue is hideous. Don Gummer will be having palpitations with that monstrosity next to any of his work!

    1. That statue is pretty bad. I wonder what the hell Meryl does with all the awards crap she gets. Auction it off on ebay so I can buy something.

    2. Haha you are right! I remember her interview on the Jonathan Ross show when she said she had to put her 2 Oscars on a high shelf as her kids used to fight with them as swords! When she wins her fourth then each of them can have one each! hehe