Tuesday, April 1, 2014

"Ricki and the Flash" picked up by TriStar

TriStar has won a bidding war between several studios to fast-track production of the Diablo Cody-penned Ricki and the Flash.  As I suggested last week, with the script complete and director Jonathan Demme in place, it's possible for this to be ready for filming by the second half of 2014.  Several sources are now reporting that shooting is set to begin in the fall, which suggests a cinematic release in 2015. Can't wait to find out who gets cast as Meryl's family!

Still no word on The Good House.  In an interview with author Ann Leary in October of last year, she stated that production was "in very early stages," eluding to the possibility that writer Michael Cunningham was still working on the script.  As no director has been mentioned to be attached, we may be looking at next year for this project to get going.  That said, for all we know it may be revealed next week that a director is now in place and shooting is set for later this spring.  Regardless, I hope it does get made, as I really enjoyed the story and Meryl's would-be character, Hildy.  Stay tuned.

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