Wednesday, April 9, 2014

"August: Osage County" on Blu-ray and DVD

My copy arrived in the mail yesterday so of course I popped it right in to check out the bonus features. Nothing particularly ground-breaking, but there are a few enjoyable deleted scenes.  I watched the film with the commentary by director John Wells and cinematographer Adriano Goldman.  It was interesting listening to them break down some of the choices they made, and the detail required to achieve the look of certain scenes.  There's so much that goes into creating a film that I probably never fully appreciate.

In the "making of" special feature, there are a lot of great comments from fellow actors on Meryl's expertise, many of which I had already heard in interviews around the time of the film's release.  Wells also provides fascinating background to some of Meryl's onscreen choices in regard to her look and the story itself.  Hope everyone checks it out.


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