Thursday, June 13, 2013

Tracey Ullman in talks to join "Into the Woods"

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Tracey Ullman is currently in talks to join the cast of Into the Woods as Jack's Mother.  I think this is a fantastic choice.  I'm a big fan of Ullman, and she's an incredibly talented actress and fine singer.   The role of Jack's Mother could be a comic and hammy one as well, with Ullman certainly well-suited for such a job.

Ullman paired with Meryl in 1985's Plenty.  The two likely won't have many scenes together in Into the Woods, but I'm excited to see that's she's attached to the project regardless.  Meryl has been quoted as saying that Ullman is superior to her when it comes to nailing accents.  I may have to agree.  Joe and I on occasion cue up clips of her old show, with our likely favorites being her impersonations of Princess Margaret:

Great stuff.  With Ullman possibly joining the cast, here's where we stand:

The Witch: Meryl Streep (confirmed)
The Wolf: Johnny Depp (confirmed)
The Baker: James Corden (confirmed)
Cinderella's/Rapunzel's Prince: Jake Gyllenhaal & Chris Pine (rumored)
The Baker's Wife:  Emily Blunt (confirmed)
The Stepmother: Christine Baranski (rumored)
Stepsister: Megan Hilty (rumored)
Jack's Mother: Tracey Ullman (rumored)


  1. Jeff, Disney has just set a Christmas Day 2014 opening for Into The Woods. It's on same day as Annie as 2 movie musicals open on same day. Ken

    1. Could sort of see that one coming. Prime time awards season too. Woo hoo!

  2. Dr Tracy the smile therapist, she charges me double if I take a moment!!

    This kinda reminds me of Murder She Wrote where Angela Lansbusy used to pull strings to get her old collegues who have fallen away somewhat back in on the action!
    Is Meryl whispering names? Haha :))