Thursday, June 20, 2013

Release date for "August: Osage County" pushed to December 25th

Son of a bastard.  As if I weren't white-knuckling it enough the way it is.  Box Offce Mojo is now listing the release date for August: Osage County as December 25th, changed from November 8th.  Ugh, waiting two months more?  I have to imagine that this is likely a box office move for the Weinstein Company, as a family drama would likely do well around the holidays.  Personally I had thought that Thanksgiving may be more fitting considering the dysfunctional nature of the storyline, but this works too.  It's certainly not a bad spot for Oscar buzz as well, moving within closer proximity of voting.

Nicole Kidman's Grace of Monaco, another Weinstein flick, was also moved, albeit now a month earlier to November 27.  It'll come as no surprise that August will be the better movie.  The best Weinstein can hope for Kidman is an Oscar nom, as Grace will likely make a modest showing at the box office at best.  August: Osage County has the potential for being a hit, particularly with this more savvy release placement.

Looks like I have a Christmas rendezvous at the cinema the next two years running.


  1. Jeff, looks like Anna Kendrick will be our Cinderella in Into The Woods. She is near signing for the role and am excited for filming to begin. Having to wait for August to come out is driving me nuts but I think a Christmas Day release date is good sign. Ken

    1. Love love love Kendrick. Can't wait for this!

    2. Jeff,

      Do you think August will make an appearance at one if the upcoming film festivals (Toronto,
      Telluride, New York)? It need that exposure with such a late release date.

    3. I think less than 50% chance. If it does, I'd say Toronto.