Friday, June 14, 2013

Disney announces Christmas Day 2014 release for "Into the Woods"

The Wrap is reporting that Disney has already set a release date for Meryl's upcoming film, Into the Woods.   December 25th, 2014 will see the film's release, opposite the young Quevenzhan√© Wallis in Sony's remake of the classic musical Annie.  Not that I think this will necessarily be a huge awards vehicle for Meryl, but the release date is prime for recognition and Meryl has a main role.  With how big this cast is and Rob Marshall at the helm, there will definitely be a lot of talk surrounding the picture in a number of categories.  I am very much looking forward to seeing how both the singing and the film in general turn out.  Great news!


  1. At least we can count on Meryl's continued presence and extension of her Golden Globe record into 2015! Hopefully this too will be a big success at the box office for her.
    The last BIG hit was It's Complicated so let's see another please Meryl! :)

    1. Yeah, at least there'll be no question as to which category the film would be in at the Globes!