Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Jane Fonda on Meryl's screen debut

This is like four days old and I didn't think it was necessarily blog worthy, but I just got around to watching the interview with Fonda and felt I should make a few comments.  Namely, I love when other actors talk about Meryl and how great she is.  In this Gold Derby interview, Fonda describes her reaction to Meryl's work in Julia.  She basically says that Meryl's work made her hair stand on end.  I can remember reading quotes years ago that Jane Fonda remembered Meryl stealing every scene she had in the film.

A more interesting part of the interview is when Fonda recalls how after working with Katharine Hepburn in On Golden Pond Hepburn was worried that Fonda may surpass her in Oscar wins.  Hepburn is historically remembered for not attending any of the twelve ceremonies for which she was nominated.  We know from Hepburn's interview with Dick Cavett that she didn't attend because she was afraid she wouldn't win.  When Hepburn was up for her lead role in On Golden Pond, she already had three wins.  Jane Fonda too was up in supporting, with two previous wins.  Had Fonda won and Hepburn lost, they would be tied.  After Hepburn won to bring her total to a record four, Fonda called to congratulate her and Hepburn reportedly quipped, "you'll never catch me now!"  It makes me realize that not only did Hepburn care about her record and wins, but that she was particularly competitive.  Maybe that's why Hepburn considered Streep her least favorite actress...she feared Meryl may eventually be the one to break her record??  I'm now even more excited to see a possible win for August: Osage County.  

Fonda's comments on Hepburn are at about 08:30, those on Meryl at 24:40. 


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