Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Ewan McGregor cast as "Bill"

Wow, two casting updates in under 24 hours.  Variety is on it this week.  It was just revealed that Scottish actor Ewan McGregor has been cast as "Bill" in August: Osage County.   This announcement comes less than a day after we were given our "Johnna" in actress Misty Upham.  McGregor is a fantastic actor and I'm thrilled that we continue to get such big names added to the cast.  He's probably best known for his role as a drug addict in Trainspotting and of course opposite Nicole Kidman in Moulin Rouge (the latter not my fav).  When I originally saw his name I thought he seemed a bit young too, but at 41, he's only a little over three years younger than his onscreen wife, played by Julia Roberts.

The role for McGregor is by no means huge, but I am so excited about seeing this amazing collection of actors working together as an ensemble.  This could be really special.  Definitely an actors' film and will therefore be very much on the awards season radar early on.   Of course it technically already is, but let's at least let them begin shooting before we start handing out Oscars.

 I've read on Meryl Streep forums that Amy Adams is more than likely not going to be in the film as "Ivy."  Possible reasons include being too busy, or being too tired after participating in Into the Woods in Central Park this summer.  She also likely has a lot of press responsibilities in the coming months promoting both The Master and Trouble with the Curve.  So, I've removed her from the list completely.  I'm not disappointed.   As I've said in previous posts, two films with her and Meryl in the last four years is plenty.  Alrighty, here's where things stand as of this afternoon:

Violet Weston: Meryl Streep (confirmed)
Barbara Fordham: Julia Roberts (confirmed)
Charlie Aiken: Chris Cooper (confirmed)
Karen Weston: Juliette Lewis (confirmed)
Jean Fordham: Abigail Breslin (confirmed)
Beverly Weston: Sam Shepard (confirmed)
Mattie Fae Aiken: Margo Martindale (confirmed)
Steve Heidebrecht: Dermot Mulroney (confirmed)
Little Charles Aiken: Benedict Cumberbatch (confirmed)
Johnna Monevata: Misty Upham (confirmed)
Bill Fordham: Ewan McGregor (confirmed)

Yet to be confirmed:

Sheriff Deon


  1. I am getting nervous that the Ivy role has been written out of the film due to length constraints. How can they start filming with no Ivy...

    1. I still don't see Ivy being taken out. They've been announcing cast members basically weekly for a couple months. They revealed two last week. Shooting doesn't start until Monday, and let's not forget, this is going to be a 2-3 month shoot. I read that the fist week to ten days is going to be outdoor shooting around the home and surrounding area. I think it is very possible that Ivy is cast but has yet to be revealed. Again, Ben Cumberbatch has been cast as Little Charles, and it's had to picture the film including him, but not Ivy. Their stories are so intertwined and compelling. Frankly, Ivy can probably be considered a third lead character.

  2. When do you think good old Harvey will reveal actress playing Ivy?

    1. Your guess is as good as mine. They may not announce it until filming is a few weeks underway. But, I'll go out on a limb and say that we'll hear something by the end of the weekend.