Wednesday, August 8, 2012

"Hope Springs" arrives

I think this is only the second time in a year of blogging that I've gone a week without posting!  Joe and I were in Santa Fe for a long weekend for the opera so this post is going to be kind of a Meghan Hodge podge of info.  That last little bit was in reference to the fact that for about ten days I've been watching the Olympics almost incessantly, and volleyball is one of my favorite events.  

So, as the title reads, Meryl's latest film Hope Springs has officially premiered in theaters.   The New York premiere was two days ago and I could technically walk out of my house right now and go see it at any number local theaters.   But I'll be waiting until Friday for my usual date with Scooter which will likely include a meal of buttery pasta and cheesecake prior to seeing the film.  So Golden Girls.  Friday will be the start to quite the weekend for me.  I get to see a new Meryl movie, Saturday is my birthday, and Sunday is the one year anniversary of Word on the Streep!

Meryl and Tommy Lee Jones have been doing a fair amount of press for the film and it's getting really good reviews.  I happened to just see the two of them on The View.  I have to say that the women on that show are maddening.  About half of the questions they asked were appropriate or interesting, but they would barely shut up long enough to let their guests answer.  The best part about the appearance is that at the end of the segment, Barbara Walters asked Meryl and Tommy Lee what they have coming up next.  Of course they didn't allow Jones the opportunity to answer, but Meryl mentioned that she was going to be making a movie of the play August: Osage County.   Just hearing her say it out loud was so exciting!  There are few more cast members to be announced, but filming should start next month.

I also want to mention that Meryl has been moved up to #6 in the gold derby Oscar predictions for Best Actress.   This is solely because The Great Gatsby has now been pushed back to a summer 2013 release and Carey Mulligan will therefore be ineligible for the upcoming awards season.   I'm looking forward seeing if after this weekend Meryl starts to be more included in the conversation for awards.  I maintain that I expect her to be in the running for a Golden Globe, but it seems like the film might pack a bit more dramatic punch that people were expecting.  This is the shit I totally eat up.

As a complete aside, while I was waiting for over an hour in the surgeon's office this morning for a two minute follow up on my shoulder,  I noticed an article on The Huffington Post revealing that Betty White recently said that working with Meryl "would be the honor of her life."  Is it possible that Meryl might still play someone's daughter in a film?  I guess we'll have to wait and see.