Sunday, August 12, 2012

One year anniversary of Word on the Streep

It's been 366 days (it's a leap year) since Joe suggested I create a blog in order that I may start writing and stop saying how much I enjoy Meryl.   Well, the writing has kind of had an opposite effect, in that I talk about her more than ever.  This blog has been a tremendously fun outlet for my weird interest in this great actress.  I would like to extend a thank you to anyone and everyone who's taken a moment to read even one post on Word on the Streep.  I've had visitors from six continents and thirty countries, and I hope you continue to tune in over the next year for my updates and opinions.  Please feel free to share your own as well! 

Meryl, if you're reading this...hi.


  1. Hey Jeff, Belated happy birthday hoping you had a good long weekend. I have been away in key west on vacation but just went to see Hope Springs and loved it. Meryl and. Tommy lee are certain golden globe winners for sure. My only news on August and am dying for rest of cast to be announced dice filming is comming up shortly there is a casting for extras this Saturday in Tulsa at doubletree hotel . We better get going Jeff if we want to be even one day to be in this brilliant film. Ken

    1. Thanks, Ken! I saw Mulroney's name added last night. As you can read in my newest post, since there are six weeks before casting and six people left to cast, we should be able to expect around one person per week to be revealed until then. I don't think I'll be able to make my way down to Tulsa to be an extra, but funny that I have family near Oklahoma City whom I teased should drive up and try to get it. It won't be happening. ;)

      And Hope Springs is getting a lot of buzz now, not just for Globes, but for Oscar. Thanks for reading!

  2. Jeff, Demot Mulroney has been cast as Steve in August Good choice seer him in that part . You will remember him in My Best Friends Wedding with jiulia