Thursday, September 15, 2011

Viola on the move

I made Joe go with me to The Help last night. Now that it's dropped below 50 degrees for the first time since spring, my Oscar clock has activated, so I had to get crackin'. I really enjoyed the film, despite how hot I could feel my ears getting when those Jackson bitches opened their mouths. In particular, Viola Davis shined as Aibileen. I've only seen her in this and Doubt (Meryl movie!), and granted, she sort of plays the same character to some degree, but I thought it was a very convincing performance. She's a good crier.

It got me to thinking and researching how they're going to campaign Davis for the Oscars, because you better believe they are going to campaign. The box office has been huge for this film, and there is a lot of buzz around her for awards. Originally most sites I perused (yes, I start looking at Oscar stuff eight months before the ceremony) listed her as supporting. Bottom line is that the production company is going to push for her in whatever category they think she has the best chance at nomination and then win (recall Kate Winslet in The Reader vs Revolutionary Road). Davis has now almost exclusively popped up as a lead actress contender, which in all reality, she probably should be, considering her central role in the film and the amount of screen time she had.

How does this bode for miss Meryl? Well, since I don't really think Meryl has a good chance to win an Oscar this year (I know The Iron Lady hasn't even come out yet, calm down), it's probably good. Meryl has been trending a close second to Glenn Close's performance in Albert Nobbs, and with more buzz now going to Davis and the less than stellar reviews for Nobbs at recent film festivals, Meryl may widen a few eyes. We shall see.

I was looking at the awards season calendar last night and realized that December is going to be a shit show with trying to keep up with all the race updates. In particular, the week The Iron Lady comes out, I will begin a fun-filled fortnight, which includes the SAG noms (12/14), Golden Globe noms (12/15), Lady premiere and movie date/birthday dinner with my friend Scooter (12/16), 11th annual Christmas movie marathon at my place (12/17), and then I have the whole next week off of work! What a pace (and probs lame), but good times. Meryl.


  1. i havent' seen the Help yeat, just saw the trailer and loved it...but i still think that the race is between Meryl and Glenn Close....

  2. I originally thought that as well but there is A LOT of talk on blogs about Viola and others. I think it's mostly just wishful thinking, and I'd be absolutely shocked if Streep and Close weren't at least nominated.