Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Cripes, the Oscar blogs!

Ok, since having started this Meryl blog I've been a bit more earnest about starting my Oscar watch pretty early. Until last month, I would occasionally glance at AwardsCircuit and a couple other random sites that offered predictions leading up to winter. Now, to keep up on things I've diligently researched far more sites to see what the buzz is. Holy shit., and, just to name a few, provide an endless, rabid siege of bloggers more than happy to offer their opinions. Consider my mouth foaming.

The majority of sites predict Meryl being nominated, a foregone conclusion according to AwardsCircuit, and there are a couple that put her as the front-runner. I personally wouldn't put her in that spot, but I'd be a moron if I didn't expect her to at least get a nod (fingers crossed because it makes the awards season so much more interesting). It's been fun offering my two cents under the guise that I'm just a nonchalant Meryl fan. I've actually been linking this site to my name when I comment on other blogs, but it's been quite a challenge trying to be objective when I read comments like "Meryl Streep shouldn't be allowed another win because she already has two Oscars." On the verge of cramping up, but it's a good exercise in restraint.

In unrelated news, Nebraska just beat Penn St in five sets in the Big Ten volleyball opener. My heart is still pounding.


  1. Are you more nervous for the U of M Volleyball season or Meryl's Oscar season? I am nearly dying with nerves for tomorrow night after watching the five setter.

  2. Well, I historically have exceedingly low expectations for people, that way I find myself disappointed less often. I suppose it'll be the same for the gophers and Meryl this year. As long as Meryl gets an Oscar nom, I'll settle for that. The gophers have many opportunities to disappoint, so overall, to answer your question, I'm more nervous about them.

  3. well we all agree that at least meryl will be nominated....wining or not is another questione....

  4. I hate it when people say things like, "Meryl shouldn't be allowed another win because she already has two Oscars," or "She's been nominated so many times the Academy should give others a chance."
    It's not about that, it's about who gave the best performance. Meryl has deserved every nomination she has received and if she gives another fantastic performance this year, well then, more power to her. I'd absolutely love to see her win her third Oscar!