Monday, September 12, 2011

One month old!

Word on the Streep is officially one month old! In total I've had 730 visits to the page from the U.S., France, Australia, Croatia, Germany, Finland, Italy, Morocco, the U.K. and Indonesia. Um, c'mon South America! I'll get to you yet. Guess you're waiting until I review The House of the Spirits. I look forward in the coming weeks to adding some new sections and certainly more film reviews. We should be getting a full trailer for The Iron Lady soon as well I would think?? Ugh. Any suggestion let me know.


  1. I would like you to analyze every one of Meryl's nominations. Who won? Who should have won? Why the discrepancy that year? When was Meryl snubbed out of a nomination?

    Lots of fodder here.

  2. Good idea, babe. I'll definitely have to break it down into several posts however. Since she has sixteen nominations I suppose I could break it up into four posts of four, but in all likelihood I'll do each nom individually (for the fodder). Probs make a new tag!

  3. congratulation jeff for one month old. i hope we can celebrate one year in the future....
    and BTW i'm with JMLA in his suggestion.