Friday, November 10, 2023

Streep nominated for Grammy for Best Audio Book

It's sort of weird timing that I was working on a post about feeling like I was a bad Streeper for not knowing that Meryl had narrated Ann Patchett's newest novel, Tom Lake (that post is still coming because I have a few things to share on a related topic), when the Grammy nominations were announced this morning and Meryl was nominated for Big Tree. Apparently it came out this spring. 

Written by Brian Selznick, it's an illustrated novel that tells the story of two Sycamore seedlings that are trying to navigate their way toward eventually laying down roots in the harsh and unpredictable environment that is planet Earth. The story is apparently one of hope, community, and surviving in nature. 

Meryl is in tough a category this year, as she's joined by former first lady Michelle Obama, U. S. Senator Bernie Sanders, and William Shatner. This is Streep's seventh Grammy nomination and would be her first win. The full list of Grammy nominations can be found here


  1. I have a feeling Meryl will win this time..EGO minus T says hi

  2. I have always wanted her to return to the stage after Mother Courage not because I want her to win that Tony - of course that would be lovely - but she once said she would do more stage shows after her children are grown up. And yes they are all grown up in the past decade yet she continued to do so many films (August Osage, J&J, Into the woods, etc) but none on stage. Oh well, it's not too late for her to make a return. I will fly down just to catch her performance anytime, anywhere. SHe's eclectrifying on Mother Courage!!