Tuesday, November 7, 2023

Results of poll #17

A few weeks ago I posted a poll asking people to vote on what kind of project they think we'll see Meryl do next. I have to admit I was little surprised to see that the #1 choice was a feature film adaptation for original screenplay leading role. I honestly don't remember what I chose, but it was either also this or a lead role in a limited series. Either way, I'd like to see her do a leading role that is not necessarily a biopic. Not that I'd be against the latter, but I'd love something fresh, original, and hopefully complex. 

After the 48.4% first choice, the two distant second place vote-getters were a biopic lead role in a feature film and a stage performance with 13.97%. I've had a lot of people mention that they'd love to see Meryl do a stage run again at some point. While I love that idea for her, I selfishly would prefer that she spend her time making something that I can view remotely (and multiple times). Although it would give me a reason to take a trip to New York to see her on stage (or wherever she'd be).  

Hopefully the actors' strike gets resolved soon. Not that I expect that the day after we'll get news of five new projects for Meryl, but if there's something brewing, it may be on the verge of getting announced once a deal is struck between SAG and the studios. Which after last night's latest offer rejection over the use of AI, it doesn't look like things will be changing anytime soon. 


  1. Anything where she is the lead. If not a feature film, I’d be thrilled to see her as the central character in a solid HBO series like “Hacks”.

    A substantial supporting role is fine by me too. I absolutely loved her in OMITB where I thought she was well utilized (and I was very happy that she got to sing again 🎶).

    But personally I’m not that thrilled at the thought of her in another secondary role in an Adam McKay film.

    1. I'm sure I chose the stage but I'd also love a Lead in a new movie or a mini-series where she can develop a really complex character, as others noted on the post.