Saturday, November 18, 2023

Nicole Kidman appears to confirm a third season of "Big Little Lies"

Yesterday, Nicole Kidman was being interviewed for an LPGA event (don't ask me why she was there) in Florida and she announced in regard to the HBO's megahit series Big Little Lies that "We'll be bringing you a third one, just FYI." 

I have to admit I'm a little surprised by this. The first season of the show (which was likely planned as a standalone limited series until it was so universally acclaimed) is one of the most perfect television projects I've ever watched. Meryl of course was added to the cast in the second season in a role that was written with her specifically in mind. She garnered Golden Globe and Emmy nominations for her supporting role, and although the season was generally considered inferior to the first, it was still well-received. 

There is no word on whether or not Meryl will be involved in this third season (if it does truly come to fruition). Also no word of course on what the third season would be about. I expect that Liane Moriarty has already written some version of a template for the script. Whether or not David E. Kelley would write the actual script is of course still unknown also. Will they have a third director for this third and (likely final) season? All good questions. 

While I generally prefer to see Meryl participate in new things, if the script were very solid, I wouldn't mind seeing her in the last season. Same goes (I guess) for Only Murders in the Building. I just don't want supporting roles in TV series to eat up time she could be spending on potentially fresher and more interesting characters/projects. Time will tell, as usual. At least there's a tiny bit of new of potential new projects. 


  1. Meryl is now the age that Katherine Hepburn was when she got her fourth Oscar for On Golden Pond and was nominated for a Tony for The West Side Waltz. Impossible to draw any direct comparisons, these are different people working in very different times, but as one of the few actors to have been a leading actor for decades, it gives me hope that Meryl will have just one or two last moments of glory. Taking the lead is exhausting, I imagine, so apart from her next leading turn that gets her that last Oscar and hopefully a stint on stage, I can’t wait to see her popping up in small roles in projects she cares about. Sharing her gift and doing what she loves. I’m just happy she’s not a Day Lewis type who’d rather leave his career than take on small, inconsequential roles.

  2. I find myself displeased with this news! However, if Meryl does come back I hope it is only for a few episodes (same with OMITB). I will admit to imagining what her BLL character's reaction to the truth of her son's death might be and what a meal Meryl would make of the revelation.

    That said, Nicole has said this a few times so I will wait for HBO to confirm.

    1. Her addition to Season 2 of BLL was so promising and she had some killer scenes with Reese and Nicole; but I thought she was wasted overall and the quality of the writing didn't help (that courtroom scene in the season finale made no sense at all). I'd rather that she didn't come back to this one unless her role was much more substantial than S2 - which is highly unlikely given that there are 5 female leads on that show already.

      I thought she was very well utilized on OMITB, and I thought her participation on that show was a whopping success compared to BLL. I wouldn't mind her returning to OMITB in any capacity, even a cameo when the show ends to give Martin Short's character a happy romantic ending.

  3. There has been no news of a new project, do you guys think Meryl is trying to gradually retire now.I've been a little anxious lately, and always felt that Meryl doesn't have the same enthusiasm for her work that she used to have (not blaming her, she's been working hard for decades).No new interviews, no idea what she's thinking specifically.