Sunday, December 5, 2021

New "Don't Look Up" feature

CBS Sunday Morning released a feature on the upcoming Don't Look Up. Meryl and Leonardo DiCaprio, and separately director Adam McKay, sat down to share some thoughts on the film and its focus on our looming climate crisis. 

Couple of new snippets that I think we haven't seen yet. Meryl's doing a fair amount of campaigning press for this. I think she's doing another Q&A after the film's premiere in New York City today. Love when she's out their promoting her films. And I happened to realize last night, that assuming this film cracks the top ten for a Best Picture Oscar nomination, this will be the third film in the last five years to have done that with Meryl in the cast (after The Post and Little Women). That's a pretty big deal for an actor, regardless of one's age or résumé. 

I believe the review embargo lifts on Tuesday. 


  1. Looking forward to reading the reviews, although I won't let them influence me too much!

  2. Are you going to see the film this weekend?

  3. I have been going through all the reviews. I think they are more positive than negative but I doubt Meryl will nab an Oscar nomination for this based on the reviews. Maybe Leo for acting but that's all.