Wednesday, December 8, 2021

First reviews in for "Don't Look Up"

Welp, this isn't exactly what I expected. Following a handful of screenings and Q&As with the cast over the past couple of weeks, first reactions seemed to be pretty positive for Don't Look Up. I came home from work last night excited to check out the first reviews. Not great. As this goes to post, the film sits at a dismal 51 on Metacritic (22 reviews) and 60% on Rotten Tomatoes (55 reviews). It's possible that the Rotten Tomatoes score will creep up closer to 70% when all is said and done, but either way, these critical reactions don't bode well for it's reward prospects.  

I'd been hoping that Meryl might sneak into the top five of Best Supporting Actress. Now I really don't seen that happening. Even Leonardo DiCaprio is going to struggle to crack the Best Actor race, and what had felt like a foregone conclusion in Best Picture, is now very much in question. Not that it can't still get handful of noms. Director Adam McKay has never been a critical darling, yet has enjoyed great success with Academy voters (see Vice). 

We'll have to wait a while to see how this all pans out. It's a bit of a bummer to say the least. But that's certainly not going to stop me from seeing in the theater Friday!  


  1. I'm disappointed too, looking forward to more reactions to Meryl's performance.

    I guess they put too many elements into the mixing pot with this one.

    Was really hoping this would be a slam dunk critical darling.

    Hopefully get some updates on Places, Please soon.

    If that doesn't happen and Meryl misses a nomination this year she might break her record for longest stretch between nominations!

  2. Yet, we have Frances McDormand with 3 lead actress Oscars- for a role she literally sleepwalk through. Streep better head for Broadway and win a Tony.

    1. Frances has 4 Oscars. I won't compare them as I admire Frances sourcing and producing material she is interested in, not a bad thing.

    2. Of that no one can question! I would say Meryl has a greater range than any actor around, that's what really sets her apart. Just wish this was getting a warmer reception!