Friday, November 13, 2020

New song released from "The Prom"

 Netflix has released a "lyric video" of one of the songs from The Prom.

I had seen a week or so ago the audio-only for one of the songs released, but this video includes a little bit of new footage as well. The song is OK, nothing fantastically special. Obviously I'm most interested to hear Meryl's performances. Not sure if we'll see or hear any of those in upcoming promotional footage. 

The Prom will be released to the streaming platform on December 11. 


  1. Looks about as joyful and gay as I hoped! Wonder if we will get another trailer since the first one was a "teaser" (they've been very good at teasing so far). Wishing (so far unsuccessfully) for more info on Let them All Talk.

    1. You are so right that we need some info on Let Them All Talk? It's apparently supposed to be released in December. We should have some clip or trailer soon I'd imagine.