Saturday, May 2, 2020

Ryan Murphy confirms plan for "The Prom" to be released as scheduled

Last month, I had read an interview where director Ryan Murphy had suggested The Prom might make it to the screen by year's end after all. Late this week, several sources quoted Murphy in a more formal update on the standing of the Netflix film's production:

All of the leads had wrapped. The last scene that I shot was Nicole Kidman’s last scene. Meryl had finished and James Corden had finished, and Andrew Rannells and Nicole had all finished. The only thing that I had is I had two days of second unit pickup… I hope this summer I can go back and quickly pick them up… The movie was supposed to come out right around Christmas, was the plan. November, Thanksgiving, Christmas in that window. Hopefully, I’ll be able to still do that.

This info insn't drastically new, but it's good to hear specifics about the leads having finished their shooting. I have to imainge that the type of shots they still need to get could be completed in time for a finished product by December. We also learn that every song from the original Broadway production has made it into the film, including one original song (no word on who it's for, but apparently it's a powerful ballad about acceptance--my guess is the protaganist, Emma). 

And if you haven't already seen this gem from last weekend's 90th birthday tribute to Stephen Sondheim, you're missing out.


  1. Wonderful news, thanks Jeff. Hoping you are keeping well. Hopefully things are much better when we finally all get to see this!

  2. Great news! I'm thinking that the new song will be for Kerry Washington's mom spoilers for the show but having a talent like her in that role begs for it to beefed up!