Saturday, May 9, 2020

When will "Let Them All Talk" be released?

HBO Max will launch at the end of the month (27th). For a while now I've been assuming that Meryl's second movie with director Steven Soderbergh, Let Them All Talk, might be a perfect product to help attract early subscriptions. But as we near the date, there is no indication that the film is even finished with post-production, much less that it will be part of the new platform's launch strategy.

My assumption continues to be that if the film is indeed shown on HBO Max (which owns the rights), that it will then technically be a TV movie, and eligible for Emmys, not Oscars. Knowing that the Emmy year ends on May 31, I was hoping they'd release it by then. That would mean that Meryl would possibly be up for two Emmys when the nominations are announced in July. I think she's a pretty strong contender for Supporting Actress in a Drama Series for HBO's Big Little Lies. 

Who knows, maybe they'll end up giving the film a theatrical release? But I doubt it. One small piece of info about the film I happened to notice today is that the name of Streep's character in the film, a famous author, will be Alice Hughes. Very writer-y.


  1. I wish we knew, we could all use some good news! I have a few theories...either they really believe in it and want to give it a theatrical push later in the year, or it's a late summer Meryl comedy (see: Florence, Julie&Julie, Ricki, etc.) or, worst case, they are nervous/reluctant about releasing a film set (at least partially) on a cruise ship given that cruise ships have been in the news for all the wrong reasons (aka floating cesspools of infection!)

    Hope to hear more soon...

    P.S it is likely finish post-prod because Soderbergh listed a cut of the film as something he watched on his 2019 blog.

    1. Good to know regarding the Soderbergh blog info! And I agree with all your theories as being reasonable possibilities. Regardless which is correct, I just hope the movie is great.

  2. I don’t know if you heard, but The Academy is allowing streamed movies to compete next season, no theatrical showing required. So that means Let Them All Talk and The Prom are good to go!!

    1. I saw that as a possibility, did not know it was confirmed. I haven't had concern about The Prom being eligible...they'd figure something out for theatrical release if they had to. Let Them All Talk is a bit more of an enigma. I don't fully understand what would normally be the plan under the new HBO Max platform for "films." Who knows if there was ever going to be intention of theatrical release? Again, though, good to have the option for submitting for Oscar. I just hope either film is worthy of it even mattering.

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