Saturday, April 4, 2020

"The Prom" likely to be released without issue

After The Prom was shut down last month due to Coronavirus concerns, it left some doubt as to whether the film would finish shooting. At the time, it sounded like the issue was that there was one final scene that took place in school with a huge group--obviously not the appropriate thing to be undertaking right now.

An article was released yesterday in which director Ryan Murphy describes how the outcome of the film really isn't in any danger, stating:

"The Prom" was pretty much all shot. We had two days of second-unit (filming) left. 
 "The Prom" was never going to come out until later in the year, 
 like Thanksgiving or Christmastime. 
 Hopefully, I'll be able to pick up those moments this summer. … 
 So, that movie wasn't really impacted by this 
 because I had already shot almost all of it."

I had to look up what "second unit" meant, and I guess it's where a second group of filmmakers work on supplementary footage like background shots, cutaways and inserts. It does not include direct filming with the main cast. I was also under the impression based on previous articles that the film was set for a third quarter release. Murphy suggests that it was always planned to be released toward the end of the year--which is good, since it now provides more time for completion. Add to that, since it's a Netflix film, there's not wide theater release to worry about getting mucked up. They only need a limited release for film awards chances. 

At least we have one piece of good news during this awful time. 

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