Tuesday, December 10, 2019

First look at Streep on set of "The Prom"

The filming of Ryan Murphy's Netflix adaptation of the Broadway musical The Prom is underway in Los Angeles, and there are a few captures of Meryl in costume:

She's like a thinner, more colorful version of Florence Foster Jenkins. We know that the story takes place in present time, however, so I'm guessing this is her costume for when her character, Dee Dee, takes part in a panned Eleanor Roosevelt musical.

More photos, including some of Meryl's co-star James Corden, can be found at Just Jared


  1. She looks very pretty and happy. FFJ is the first memory that came to me when I saw this!

    Really hope this will be brilliant and well received, I have fears the movie they made in 13 days might not be the best...

    Hopefully I'm wrong though!

  2. Why no plot details or release date for the 13 day movie???

    1. I'm not sure. It basically wasn't announced until Soderergh was underway. Maybe an example of a new age of filmmaking for small screen.

  3. google streep prom and more pics come up from the prom shooting....so I think. As Kidman, Corden and Streep are all in sequins. This looks fun!