Wednesday, December 11, 2019

No 'individual' SAG nom for Meryl

The Screen Actors Guild announced it nominations this morning for the best in TV and film for 2019. Sadly, Meryl was left off the list for individual work. Big Little Lies was recognized with an Ensemble nomination in the Drama Series category. Other than that the show was SHUT OUT.

I keep forgetting that SAG doesn't do supporting categories for television, only film. It's pretty understandable how Streep wouldn't get in for her supporting role in Big Little Lies, when more borderline performances like Helena Bonham Carter (The Crown) and Patricia Arquette (The Act) are out there. Both happened to receive nominations, while up to this point, and no doubt at the Emmys next summer, they've been nominated in supporting. But not even Nicole Kidman?! Regardless, I'm optimistic for Meryl's chances for a supporting nom at the Emmys.

Speaking of shut out, that was also the case for Little Women. No ensemble, no Saoirse Ronan, no Florence Pugh. I have to say that if I were told one of these two projects would be shout out at SAG, I would've expected BLL to get something before Little Women. This doesn't bode well for Academy Award chances, but there's still the BAFTA noms the first week of January, where I think Little Women will fare better--at least in the acting categories. If it does not, it's probably game over with the Oscars.


  1. I think Big Little Lies has a very strong chance to win best ensemble.

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