Thursday, November 21, 2019

New speculation for Streep to play Susan Boyle in biopic

Six years ago, I posted that Meryl had been approached to portray singer Susan Boyle in a biopic. This morning, at least two Scottish sources have indicated that Boyle's 2010 autobiography, "The Woman I was Born to Be" has been optioned by a "new" film company, which will be shopped to the likes of Netflix and Amazon. Boyle of course shot to fame after finishing second in 2009's season of Britain's Got Talent.

In the linked article, it's stated that Meryl is an "early contender" for the role. In 2013, Boyle was quoted as saying Streep had been approached, but there was little else mentioned on the possibility at the time. I'm not even sure based on the new info whether or not there is an actual screenplay already completed, but I tend to think there is, considering Boyle said it's going to come out "very soon." I can't imagine they're still waiting on a script if that's the case. She also stated that the actress set to portray her is a "bit of surprise," and that she had some say in who got the role and that it was a "collaboration."

No word on director, and certainly no word from U.S. sources on Meryl's potential involvement. If the script is good, I could see Meryl doing this: rags to riches, Scottish accent, interesting family history, possible mental illness/diagnosed with Asperger's, singing, physical transformation. If she somehow stars in this, I'll have to pick up a copy of the book.

I guess we'll wait and see what else comes of it! 

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