Sunday, November 17, 2013

Meryl Streep as Susan Boyle?

U.K. tabloid Metro revealed today that Meryl has been approached to play Susan Boyle in a film about the Scottish singer's life.   I vaguely recall reading something about a possible biopic on the Britain's Got Talent songstress a while back.  More recently The Guardian reported that such a film was indeed moving forward. 

If Meryl has truly already been approached, I imagine there's a script out there.  As usual we'll have to wait for more info as to whether or not this project will actually include her.  If nothing else this role would provide Meryl the opportunity to don yet another U.K. accent, having already tried her hand at Received British (The French Lieutenant's Woman, Plenty and The Iron Lady) and Irish (Dancing at Lughnasa).


  1. Irish is not part of the UK Jeff! haha

    I wouldn't mind seeing this but I'm not that enthusiastic. Meryl is really the go to person to play real life strong women these days. It might be a good TV movie for the US and give Meryl a chance at a 3rd Emmy :)

    I also wonder if it were to happen, would Meryl match her voice or lip-synch>>?

  2. The U.K. is made up of Great Britain (England, Scotland, Wales) and Northern Ireland, no? Don't they have some form of an Irish accent in Northern Ireland??

    Regardless, agreed about this seeming more of a fitting story for a TV movie. I bet Meryl could do this role without lip syncing.

  3. Yes I agree, it would be another opportunity for M to sing. Maybe not as compelling as the story of Patsy Cline that she missed out on but would still be interesting to see the quest from obscurity. Plus Susan has various issues which make her an interesting subject in her own right.

    With no offense to Susan, but Meryl is much prettier (I'm awful I know!) :)

    Yes Northern Ireland has quite a distinct accent too but Meryl did a southern Irish one (County Donegal) and being from that part of the world originallymyself I must say she nailed it! haha

    1. Oooo interesting point on Southern/Northern accents. Would they typically be quite a bit different? It's exciting to hear that a local thinks Meryl's accent was good in Dancing at Lughnasa, because I remember her saying it was a challenge for her and the dialect coach had to correct her on some words.

    2. Well I saw it on local TV years ago before I was a big Meryl fan and didn't realise she was in it. I thought it was a group of Irish actresses. She was totally convincing!

      Interestingly, I had seen other Meryl films before as well but never really linked any of the women together as the same actress - The Bridges Of Madison County, Out of Africa, Kramer vs Kramer, A Cry in the Dark and Death becomes her.
      Whenever I heard the name Meryl Streep I always thought of Goldie Hawn's pretty blonde companion and thought she was a comedic actress like Goldie. Haha!
      It wasn't until I saw The Hours and thought "Madeline Ashton was amazing! Glad she finally did a drama! haha then I did some digging...

      That is Meryl's greatest gift IMO, she just disappears from the screen and you see the character up there. That's what separates a true actor from a "movie star" to me.
      Even at the end of The Iron Lady as Margaret totters out of the kitchen and the name "Meryl Streep" appears on-screen it took me a second to remember who I had just been watching. She is peerless in this ability

    3. Oh and the Irish accent. North is generally a bit harder than the southern one. The south generally sound more musical and softer but each part of the country has its' own subtle dialect which is hard for non-Irish to pick up on. I think that was the bigger challenge for Meryl on this accent - to match it to a certain place. She was masterful!

    4. I love how you couldn't tell who Meryl was...that she just seemed like the character. That in a sentence in what fascinates me about Meryl and makes her the most enjoyable to watch.

    5. I absolutely agree, you just don't get it to that level with any other performer (as great as quite a few of them are) you still know it is such-and-such on-screen as the character.
      I talk to people sometimes and they describe a film to me and they don't realise it has been Meryl on-screen. Most people who don't follow her career could easily fall into this. You get to the end of a film and want to know who gave that great performance, and it's her! (again!) :)