Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Netflix nails down release dates for "The Laundromat"

Ahead of its world premiere next week at the Venice Film Festival, Netflix has solidified the theatrical and streaming release dates for the The Laundromat and other films:

I had been under the impression that the film wasn't set for release until late October or early November. Excited to learn that we can see Meryl in theaters again in just one month!

Now can we get a friggin' trailer?


  1. Likely won't hit theatres around me - so I'll have to wait a few more weeks until it hits Netflix Canada. Hopefully worth the wait!

    I wonder how well these films will do (money wise) with people knowing that they can stay home and it'll be with them in a few short weeks without costing people anything more than their subscription. I don't like the idea of Meryl in a critically-acclaimed box office flop :( Do you plan to see it in theatres or wait it out?

    1. I'm sure I'll see in the theater if it's released in Minneapolis, which it should be. I'm not sure how they usually go about theater distribution for Netflix films. It seems more like they just release it in theaters for a little while to make it eligible for film awards, versus actually expecting a big box-office return.

  2. I too am completely ignorant about how they ascribe financial gain to any one film if its financed by a general subscription fee. I don't even know if it will be released in London.

    I do see that this is the way forward to get non-mainstrest movies made, the ones that might not find an audience with cinema goers. On paper The Laundromat looks like it could have turned a decent profit if it was just for cinemas (assuming it's quality)!