Sunday, October 15, 2017

Cher reportedly joining "Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again!"

Well isn't this an interesting twist! A few sources are reporting tonight that Cher is joining the cast of Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again!  Said to be in London currently rehearsing, she will evidently be performing two Abba songs in the film. No other details were revealed on her exact role or character name.

There's also been some speculation about Meryl's participation in the film. As I mentioned in my last post, filming has seemed to wrap in Croatia and we didn't see any pics of Meryl on set, sparking rumors that she wasn't involved after all. But I read this weekend that a possible reason that Meryl did not immediately comment on the Weinstein scandal (she released a statement four days after the story broke) was because her publicist said she was "off the grid" for several days. A film set in Croatia could possibly be "off the grid."

If Meryl is indeed still in the film and now Cher is joining, this latest piece of news is is just one more factor that is sure to get butts in the theater seats.


  1. I'd love this to happen! The cast already seems huge though and giving a new character 2 songs might not sit so well with the case with little to do..

    Unless Meryl is filming in the US it does seem her part might be fairly reduced. Time will tell!

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  3. There's a minor discrepancy with the off-grid thing- Meryl was at the NYFF premiere of the Spielberg doc on Oct. 5th, so she wasn't off the grid then. It's still possible she was off-grid before that though, but idk, kinda suspicious...

    1. Oh my gosh you're right. Assuming those dates are what the publicist meant (I think Oct 5-9), then yes, Meryl was not only in the U.S., but very likely "on the grid."

  4. Looks like Cher will be playing Meryl's mother (in the flashback to the 60s sequences).

  5. Aw I was hoping she'd have a scene with Meryl! Still, glad she is going to be in it too