Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Poll #2: Which film that Meryl was at one point attached to star in do you most wish she had ultimately done?

That is probably going to be the longest post title I will ever have on this blog.  Hopefully people understand what I mean.  As you can see to the right, I've listed five films in which Meryl never starred:

Thelma & Louise
The Remains of the Day
The Last Station

If you click on any of the above titles, you'll get the background on her potential involvement in each.   Chose which one you would've most like to see her in.   I'll of course hold off on talking about which role I choose, but you might be able to tell just from the links.

Excited to see everyone's responses!


  1. I will go for The Remains of the day as it's my Father's favourite movie and it turned out to be a masterpiece. It would have been yet another wonderful transformation right when, in our actual timeline, Meryl's career arguably got it's nadir in 1993.

    Is it wrong to also chose a movie to help eliminate her participation in a Turkey?

    I think she would have made a more appropriate Miss Kenton than Emma Thompson (who was Wonderful) purely because Meryl was more the correct age (to the book).

    Of course I foresee Thelma and Louise winning this as it remains an enduring classic. I just think Remains would have stretched her more as an actress and I have never heard Meryl openly lament missing out on TAP the way she did TROTD..

    1. I agree with Cjames...when I saw the movie, I kept thinking of how wonderful Meryl would have been in the Emma Thompson character. David.

    2. My autocorrect turned TAL to TAP ^^

      A role she was most likely never considered for as she was too young (but would be the perfect age now) which I would have loved was Sarah Goldfarb in Requiem for a Dream. What an incredible character that would have been!

      Also, I would have been over the moon if she played Barbara Covett in Notes on a Scandal. What a juicy role with a wonderful script!

      Sheba Hart: You put me in prison, I could get TWO years!
      Barbara Covett: They'll fly by! I'll visit you every week! We've so much life to live together!


      Anyway, I digress. I guess the one that came closest to happening was Evita as Meryl took dance lessons for it I believe plus it had a Director attached. Pity it didn't happen. I kinda doubt it was exhaustion that made her pull out though - she worked a film a year continuously throughout that time.

    3. 'Remains' is really a tough one that got away. I LOVE that movie and can totally see why Meryl ended up parting ways with her agent after the fiasco with Mike Nichols. It would've been a great replacement for almost any of the films she did in the early 90s.

  2. Keep thinking she would have been so good in Julieta working with the director- Jamie

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  4. Evita! She would have done so much more with that role than Madonna ever could. I can't imagine anyone else playing Thelma or Louise, not even La Streep. And Emma Thompson was so magnificent in Remains of the Day, I am glad that Meryl did not get that role.

    1. Yeah, it would've been no comparison between Meryl and Madonna. Still wish Meryl had landed Remains of the Day. Difficult for me to picture anyone else in T&L either, as it's one of my favorite films and is iconic.

  5. Evita with Oliver Stone directed it. If there was a musical starring role that would win Meryl Streep an oscar, that was it.

    1. She wouldn't have beat the swelling of sentimental support for Jessica Tandy in Driving Miss Daisy though. Or Kathy Bates. It was their time. I can't imagine what sort of role it would have taken to get Meryl her third so close to her 1979 and 1982 wins.

      It looks like The Last Station is getting little support. I remember you suggested Jeff that Meryl may have tackled the Russian accent and that could have encouraged the cast to follow suit. That would have been interesting.