Sunday, April 17, 2016

Should Word on the Streep do podcasts?

Howdy, everyone.  I've been thinking about this possibility for a while and am interested to know what people think.  So many sites out there post podcasts with a handful of folks opining on any number of topics.  Particularly on blogs that even remotely discuss film awards races, I feel there is a fairly wide variety of audio info available.  So why not us?  Truth be told, I don't exactly know what it would take to organize a podcast, but I feel there are situations where it's difficult to rely solely on the written word to express our thoughts.  There's just so much to say about Meryl!

As CJames had suggested a couple months ago regarding a "Let's Talk About" tag, I'm tentatively considering having that section turn into a podcast section, where we could discuss countless topics related to Meryl.  Beginning with specific film performances could be an easy start, but we wouldn't have to be limited to that.

I'm kind of excited about his possibility, but would like to get some feedback on some pros and cons.


  1. Yes!!!! I would love that!- Jamie

  2. I also keep looking to see if you have a Facebook page set up as well?- Jamie

    1. Nope. Just twitter. I feel like the facebook page would be more work than I want to bother with.

    2. I think it's a very good idea Jeff, who would you anticipate talking to? I agree that our conversations and comments here are a great way to communicate but there are others!

      Did anyone manage to stream The Graham Norton interview?

    3. I don't know for sure who I would have on the podcasts, possibly start with some people I know who really like Meryl...maybe see if readers would be interested in joining for podcast. Here's the Graham Norton show: