Saturday, November 21, 2015

"Africa" film back on track?

Before getting into the news, let's just remember that Meryl was barely even mentioned as attached to this project when I first learned of it back in March.  However, I've been intrigued by its possibility since the announcement.  Not so much for the role Meryl would play, more for the conservationist ideas against the backdrop of the African continent.

Not long after this first being brought to my attention, I reported that the film had been essentially scrapped.  Now, several articles are swirling around with quotes from the story's real-life main character, paleoanthropologist Richard Leakey, saying that it's definitely going to be made.  In Kenya, no less.  It's also reported that Leakey (set to be played by Brad Pitt) has asked would-be director Angelina Jolie to "tone down" the violence and sex in the film.

If all this is true, and the Kenyan government is really getting behind it to possibly help with funding, would this get rolling in 2016?  By the slim chance Meryl actually were involved, her rumored role would be that of Leakey's mother, Mary.  I can actually see Meryl being interested in promoting something like this, bringing awareness to the awful ongoing poaching of elephants in east Africa.

I'm certainly not holding my breath, but even if Meryl gets nowhere near this, I'd still like to see the film come together.   We'll have to see if there's more confirmation from either Jolie or Pitt's reps.  As this goes to post, the film is no longer listed on either's IMDb pro page.


  1. Must admit that I am desparate to hear any news of any possible project.........- Jamie

  2. Wasn't Brad Pitt once attached to Dirty Tricks as well or am I making that up. I'm just not sure how desperate The Pitts will be to team up again so soon after I read some of the harsh reviews for their latest film :(

    1. You're absolutely correct. Pitt was in talks to portray White House counsel to Nison, John Dean. His ex Gwyneth Paltrow was to play his wife I think.

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