Saturday, September 5, 2015

"Suffragette" premieres to acclaim in Telluride

Meryl Streep received a standing ovation last night introducing Suffragette in its world premiere at the Telluride Film Festival in Colorado.  Almost immediately after the screening, the online universe was of course inundated with Twitter reactions.  I'll attempt to summarize what the majority of audience members are saying.

Suffice it to say that the reactions have been very positive.  Many kudos for director Sarah Gavron's work as well as for the remarkable cast.  Carey Mulligan is repeatedly singled out as best in show, which bodes well for awards recognition.  It's confirmed that Meryl has a very brief, albeit exciting, role.

I hope these early reactions become a consensus when the film opens worldwide later this fall.  The subject matter is an important period in history and good word-of-mouth will no doubt get more butts in the seats.  Below I've linked official reviews/opinions from a few reputable sources.

The Hollywood Reporter
The Telegraph
Thompson on Hollywood
Awards Daily


  1. omg...hope Meryl secures Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actress.
    20th Oscar nods y'all!!!!!!

  2. what can Meryl do in only 4 minutes? A LOT!! If Judi Dench can get nominated and won for her 8 minute's Shakespeare in Love role, Meryl just needs half of it..

    extract from
    Streep travelled again to Telluride to support the project in which she has about a four minute cameo as Emmeline Parkhurst, the leader of the movement. It’s just one scene but it echoes throughout the film. “I believe in this subject and am happy to be part of it,” she told me. The filmmakers and Streep (who got a standing ovation when introduced at the beginning)

    1. hell yeah she can and will..........though not gonna win, an Oscar nomination will suffice to say the least. I have a feeling she gonna win for Florence next

    2. Haha, I love your enthusiasm! It would actually serve the Florence campaign better to have Meryl sit out this year.

      There are growing grumblings about Meryl have a reserved spot each year and as angry as it makes me I think nominating her for this would devalue another nomination in the future.

      I am just happy if the film itself is a critical hit and says something interesting..

  3. I think it would help stop this unwarranted growing Streep fatigue for
    Meryl to sit out the 88th Osxars. Hopefully, Florence will be an Oscar
    worthy film with Oscar worthy performances and Meryl will be seen as
    Making a mini comeback...

  4. I love everyone's enthusiasm too! Hope I'm wrong, but I think Meryl will be sitting out this Oscar round. Hoping for Golden Globes nom for Ricki.

    1. GG nod for Ricki is 100% certain..
      i kinda agree she lays low this award season and receive all the worthy-er hype and buzz for FLorence in the future.In Hollywood, it's all about campaigning.and to Meryl's fans it's all about her getting long overdue 4th Oscar win.

      as long as that snobbish Cate B doesnt win 3rd oscar and equal herself to Meryl, i dont mind waiting.

    2. whoa..i literally choke after reading your reminds me of the juicy talks with some other meryl's fans who dislike cate blanchett and katherine hepburn(for having more oscar wins than meryl) and latest is lily tomlin (for almost completing EGOT with Grandma) because to them Meryl is the best actor ever and nobody should come close to her Oscar stats.but yeah cate blanchett appears as one overconfident,cocky but very talented actress who can outperform Meryl's talent

    3. LOL almost choked at that last line. No quite true though, is it? One could hardly compare the talent needed to make Blue Jasmine to Sophie's Choice..

    4. I don't want to detract from anything Cate Blanchett has done. I think she is brilliant. We can have more than one amazing actress. I actually really enjoy that Cate Blanchett is confident. Why shouldn't she be? She's at the top of her profession.

  5. Sure... blanchett can win a 3rd Oscar..... just in 30 years from now like Streep-
    And I am all for an Oscar nomination this year and next- who cares about Streep fatigue... If she is worthier than others so be it... Have not lost hope for a Ricki nomination as other performances fall by the wayside- Jamie

  6. I agree with Jeff...please do not bash Cate Blanchett...she's as phenomenal as Meryl but in her own distinct way. I love her confidence and if anyone were to match Meryl's three-Oscar win in the coming years, I would want it to be Blanchett (and mind you with all the great projects she's taken on like Carol, Truth, and the upcoming Lucille Ball biopic, she has a very good shot at the 3rd Oscar). She's also universally praised for Blue Jasmine and THAT performance is for the ages like Meryl's Sophie's Choice.