Monday, September 28, 2015

"Ricki and the Flash" coming to video November 24

The always reliable Akron Beacon Journal (?) is reporting that Ricki and the Flash will be released to Blu-ray, DVD and digital HD on November 24.   I think I had posted previously that we were expecting November for this so I'm not particularly surprised by the date.  The film is currently still playing in a handful of theaters, and as this goes to print has grossed just short of $27 million at the domestic box office.  With a budget of $18 million, it's by no means a huge success, but at the same time not a flop.  Add another $11 million in foreign markets and assuming there wasn't a boat load spent on international advertising, it's not half bad.

Looking forward to getting my own copy!

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  1. I do think it would have done a little better if Meryl had done some promo in Europe but hey ho, at least it did ok in general. Looking to the future now!