Monday, June 8, 2015

New trailer for "Ricki and the Flash"

Well this was sort of unexpected, but a new trailer has been released for Ricki and the Flash. 

There are a few differences from the first trailer.  We see a bit more of the dramatic aspect of the story, concerning Ricki's rough relationship with her family and how that seems to be affecting the difficult situation her daughter currently finds herself in.  Overall, still not a fantastic trailer.  The first at least had a bit more music in it. I'll probably go into this not really expecting much.  At this point I hope I'm pleasantly surprised.


  1. This is weird. Rick Springsteen's line is delivered terribly in this version. Like he's got some strange tic. Plus I agree it suffers from lack of music or tone. The first isn't great but was better than this. Maybe they threw this together as the first met with a lukewarm response. Who knows. Still hoping for a great film. Loved the airport bit though, and what Meryl's done to her voice.

  2. Haha Rick Springsteen. I prefer the first trailer's delivery as well. I hope it's just cut in a way cater to a wide group of people. Even if this isn't awards fodder, it certainly may do well at the box office.

  3. Wow. That was disappointing to say the least. I was really hoping they would learn something from the reactions I've seen to the first trailer. I mean who is putting these together? They can't scrape together two quality minutes of this film even if the rest is corny/tv-movie as hell?! This one is even lamer than the first if that's possible...And the lack of music we've seen this far has me worried,I have to admit... did their ambitious live singing not turn out very well that they're not showing really any of the supposed 10-12 songs in this?
    This script was seemingly green-lighted and bought so quickly and now I am wondering how on earth that happened with the dialogue we've been shown. I had such high hopes upon hearing about this- it seemed like it could be both critically and commercially successful... From what I've seen it doesn't look like it will garner awards or major box office. Don't get me wrong, Meryl looks terrific and I found her totally adorable in that little airport sequence, but that's coming from a great admirer/worshipper of hers. I fear that this project will be looked upon as an embarrassment in her career by non-Meryl fans. I'm really thinking she must have took this just to get Mamie a good role because surely a woman of her caliber of intelligence must recognize Lifetime movie dialogue when she sees it.

    I've got to say this really sucks. My own fault really for letting my imagination get the best of me on this one. *Cue Meryl just dominating "Bad Romance" in a much edgier, darker film* I guess I'm just hungry for a slam dunk Meryl movie since it's been a few years now since we've had one. Okay... ending protective Meryl fan rant now.

    1. Oh jeeze, I agree it's not a promising trailer, but I'm not ready to say this will be an embarrassment on her career. I think it might do well at the box office regardless of awards recognition. That will continue to get Streep films funded, which is an important thing.

    2. Yes, very true. I'm definitely all for that! I just wonder about box office potential when the two main reactions to the trailer seem to be 1) that it gives away the entire movie (so no need to see it) and 2) the whole thing seems corny and the family drama concept seems overdone and predictable anyway...
      But I like your positivity- I'm still in LOVE with the movie poster and the main promotional photo of Meryl in the teal shirt with her guitar- hopefully those alone sell the movie (Oddly enough I'd rather people not even see the trailer at this point- I think people will be less inclined to want to see the film than if they'd just seen the movie poster or heard the "Meryl as a rocker" concept). I mean despite the fact that it's probably outrageously photoshopped- I can't get over how incredible Meryl looks in that poster. So hot!